We are delighted we can announce our next official partnership with the Al Hai Classics in Dubai, UAE.

Al Hai Motors is a Dubai based, premier vehicle repair shop. Founded in 1991, their long term experience grew exponentially expanding the range of the services offered. Over a period of 29 years, working in the automotive industry, they got to know the market and the needs of the customers. So they moved even behind the repair shop possibilities and the Al Hai Classics division is looking for great opportunities in the classic car market segment at the Japanese auction exchange, where they became partners.

This brings opportunities to buy not only the Japanese market classic cars, they are bringing to Dubai. And know they are looking a partnership to bridge these cars also to Europe.

AL HAI CLASSICSImage credit: Carnity
AL HAI CLASSICSImage credit: Al Hai Motors

Our friend Martin who lives in Dubai already for 16 years knows the market very well. He will be personally in charge for us to evaluate the cars coming to Dubai and will also monitor the opportunities at the Japanese auction exchange.

We will focus together only on the classic cars older than 30 years to keep the costs low (only 6 to 7 percent VAT to bring these cars to Europe). And we will not only check the Dubai cars personally, we will also assist with the transportation, storage or trusted checkout payments.


As with our first partnership in Germany, we have decided to celebrate the launch of our one and only global auction platform with a three No Reserve auction of Audi 100 models. We are bringing a C2 generation in copper paint, our Dubai friend Martin brings a C3 generation painted black and Niels from Klassikloft comes with a silver painted C4 (Special Story).

Author: Auctomobile Team