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  • 911 R-gruppe: Unleashing the Legend
  • Lighter and more powerful
  • 950 kg / 210 PS
  • Carbon doors, long-hood, 911 R style bumbers, Singer style rear wing
  • Momo sports steering wheel and short ratios Wevo shifter
  • All documents were checked and the car was photographed personally by Auctomobile
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Litomerice, Czechia

Unleashing the Legend: The Porsche 911 R-Gruppe

Introduction: When it comes to iconic sports cars, few can match the enduring allure and timeless appeal of the Porsche 911. Introduced in 1963, the 911 has become synonymous with performance, precision, and automotive excellence. The special variant of the 911 known as the R-Gruppe quickly earned a reputation as a driver's dream. Let's delve into the world of the Porsche 911 R-Gruppe and explore why it remains a sought-after gem among automotive enthusiasts to this day.

A Tribute to Porsche's Racing Heritage: The R-Gruppe, or "R-Group" in English, pays homage to Porsche's racing heritage and the legendary 911 R. The original 1967 911 R was a stripped-down, lightweight, and race-ready machine that set the benchmark for performance and handling. The R-Gruppe sought to capture that essence and deliver it to the hands of passionate drivers.

Distinctive Exterior: The 1974 Porsche 911 R-Gruppe showcases a distinct and purposeful aesthetic. Its exterior boasts a wide range of modifications, including flared fenders, unique bodywork, and a spoiler to enhance aerodynamics. These visual cues not only emphasize the car's racing pedigree but also enhances its performance on the road or track.

Raw Power and Performance: Under the rear decklid, the 911 R-Gruppe houses an air-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine. While the stock 911 of that era produced around 175 horsepower, the R-Gruppe received various performance upgrades, including modified cylinder heads, larger carburetors, and higher compression ratios. These enhancements unleashed its true potential, pushing the power output to an impressive 210 horsepower. Paired with a close-ratio transmission, the R-Gruppe offers a thrilling driving experience that few cars of its era could match.

Enhanced Handling and Precision: The R-Gruppe isn't just about straight-line speed; it was designed to offer exceptional handling and driving dynamics. The suspension system received extensive modifications, including stiffer springs, upgraded shock absorbers, and adjustable anti-roll bars. These enhancements provided greater responsiveness and cornering ability, making the R-Gruppe an exhilarating companion on twisty mountain roads or race circuits.

Interior Simplicity and Purpose: Inside the 911 R-Gruppe, simplicity reigns supreme. The interior focus on shedding unnecessary weight and enhancing the driving experience. It features lightweight sport seats, a smaller diameter steering wheel, and minimal sound insulation. The absence of creature comforts like air conditioning and a radio further emphasized the car's dedication to performance and driver engagement.

The Legacy Lives On: Over the years, the R-Gruppe has garnered a cult following among Porsche enthusiasts and collectors. Its limited production numbers and unique modifications have made it a prized possession for those seeking a true driving experience. Additionally, the R-Gruppe has inspired the formation of Porsche enthusiast clubs and events, bringing together like-minded individuals who appreciate the spirit of the iconic sports car.

Conclusion: The 1974 Porsche 911 R-Gruppe represents a rare gem in automotive history—a car that pays tribute to the illustrious racing heritage of Porsche while delivering a thrilling driving experience. Its combination of distinctive styling, enhanced performance, and precise handling make it a highly sought-after collectible today. The R-Gruppe is a testament to Porsche's unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and the enduring legacy of the 911. Whether it's carving through mountain passes or turning heads at a car show, the 1974 Porsche 911 R-Gruppe continues to captivate automotive enthusiasts and solidify its position as a true legend in the world of sports cars.

This is a modified 911 R (R-gruppe) style model, based originally on the 1974 911 S 2.7. The overall lightweight car has carbon doors (including leather door sills), a rear engine cover with a 964-style Singer modification wing, 16-inch wheels and finally a six-cylinder engine with displacement increased to 3.0 litres, built by Don Johnson in Arizona while still in the USA. Overall performance? A very nice 210 mechanical horsepower, roaring through a sport exhaust. Inside, you'll find everything you need to enjoy the backroads - that means shells, a Momo sports steering wheel and short ratios Wevo shifter. The car is also special thanks to the details, which include the cap and tank located (along with a full-size spare) in the front trunk or the lightweight RS carpets.

It has been built into a long-hood R-Gruppe style hot rod, with earlier bumpers, fiberglass components, and a de-trimmed look.
Other work has been done to smooth the look, such as filling in the turn signal lamps and the gas filler door. The seller notes that carbon fiber doors have been installed for weight savings — a feature not found on the original cars, but a nice way to bring the overall mass down. These Fuchs wheels fit nicely.
The interior is a greatest-hits of race-inspired Porsche bits with a few incongruous details. The Momo Prototipo steering wheel looks perfect against the basic stock dashboard, the exposed door innards are showing the bare carbon fiber with leather pulls.
The seller notes a 10k USD engine rebuild that makes it a great toy for oversteer driving.
The rear wing is an articulated 964 unit that raises with speed. Overall we like the effort put forth on this car.

The Perfect Hot Rod 911 R

The little things on this car is what makes it special. Here are a couple of those items:
•Front Blinkers are filled and placed in the Headlights
•Gas Door is Filled and Neck was moved to inside Trunk
•Carbon Fiber Doors and Leather Pull Straps for Windows and Door opener
•Momo Wheel and short ratios Wevo Shifter

•New oil pan
•All 5 wheels have been refinished
•Full size Spare with mount in Trunk
•Front and Rear Sway Bars
•964 Rear Deck and Wing
•RS Light weight carpet
•Slotted Brake Rotors

Engine was Built 07/13.





Production date02/1974
Body TypeCoupe
Engine2.994 ccm, 210 PS, F6
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
LayoutRear Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorIvory White
Color - interiorBlack
Miles/Kilometers shown89.252 mls
Chassis / VIN9114102574
Location - CountryCzechia
Location - CityLitomerice


2-door coupe body type; RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 2994 cm3, advertised power: 210 PS; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4291 mm, width: 1610 mm, wheelbase: 2271 mm; reference weights: shipping weight 950 kg, base curb weight: 1000 kg top speed: 235 km/h (146 mph); accelerations: 0-60 mph 6.0 s, 0-100 km/h 6.4 s

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